R&D Engineer (m/f)

You will play a key role in our team, researching, developing and implementing new key technologies that further enhance our product range:


  • You assume R&D ownership of new feature implementations
  • Integrations with hardware like new advanced sensors, RF/NFC chipsets,  3rd party devices
  • You are able to find creative and efficient solutions for the challenges you will face
  • You collaborate with firmware engineers and hardware engineers
  • You also work together with the middleware-team to integrate with data in the frontend software.
  • You can make select suitable hardware components and make a basic schematic that a PCB designer can use
  • For prototyping, you can also write firmware in C yourself or solder a basic circuit
  • You are good with statistics and can design and analyze reproducible, scientifically correct tests
  • You design and use protocols for RF and digital communication
  • You can design, develop and use test-tools
  • You write out the documentation of new developed hardware and features and help put them into production 



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Viloc is an innovative, fast growing company with a unique technology solution and vision on the future for the construction industry.

To support our growth, we are always looking for competent, enthusiastic and passionate people who want to help to make our vision reality.

- Software Engineers

- Hardware Engineers

- Business Developers

- Enthusiasts


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